During the summer we all love to be at the beach and have a bit of sun, but an excess of sun exposure damages the skin, well it is the same for the hair. The sun gives the skin a tan and also gives the hair natural highlights, but too much damages our hair as it can sunburn like the skin, the only difference is,  it does not repair itself. Once we have limp and lifeless hair  there is no solution than to cut off  because it breaks down the proteins in the hair and sun dries the hair straws.

In the same way that pale skin is more susceptible to get sunburned lighter colours and highly processed hair are more prone too. Furthermore, UV rays fade the hair colour. That’s why it is recommended to take care of the hair more  over the summer months.

On the other hand, the water we go into is not good either because the chlorine that is in the swimming pools and the salt of the ocean water dries the skin and hair . 

Furthermore, during the summer we tend to sweat more and dust increases which bring hair problems like split ends and dandruff. 

And we do not forget about the scalp, the sun causes dryness and sunburns, and we think that hair protects the scalp but this is not. So we need to protect our scalp too because dry scalp willl cause damage in your hair roots. 

So, how can we avoid the hair from gettin damaged ? 

Well, we recommend using TWO PHASE CONDITIONER after going to the swimming pool and sea, because it hydrates the hair after a long day of sun and it is really confortabel because you can put it in you hair ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE and it is really light on your hair too ! 

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