• Shower Gel – Aloe Vera

      Shower Gel with skin protector benefits, thanks to it’s main active component, ALOE VERA, which regenerates the skin and increases water retention, thus providing a long lasting fresh sensation.

    • Shower Gel – Avocado

      Shower gel with AVOCADO extract, provides nutrients that will make your skin glow and youthful. Skin will feel soft for long time, and will wrap your body with a delicate aroma.

    • Shower Gel – Carrot

      CARROT is full of nutrients and antioxidants. Helps protect the skin from external aggressions and fights signs of ageing due to deeply hydrating properties. Stimulates regeneration, which helps maintain the elasticity of the skin.


    • Shower Gel – Coconut

      Shower gel with COCONUT extract that deeply moisturizes all skin types. Provides the skin with an irresistible radiant glow, that will leave your skin nourished and luminous. Contains a fresh and tropical fragrance that will last all day.

    • Shower Gel – Fruit

      This shower contains a variety of exotic fruits, ideal to achieve optimum hydration of the skin due to its high protein content of natural origin.

    • Shower Gel – Milk Proteins

      Dermo-protective shower gel with MILK PROTEINS, characterized by its high hydrating power, which maintains the skin’s natural balance, giving it softness and flexibility while nourishing and regenerating. Specially formulated for the protection of the most delicate skin.

    • Shower Gel – Oatmeal

      Formula with OATMEAL extract known for its smooth properties. Cleanses and takes care of the skin, leaving it soft and with a pleasant aroma.

    • Shower Gel – Oriental Oils

      If you want to experience the oriental beauty secrets. Incorporate to your beauty routine ORIENTAL OILS Shower Gel. Contains a variety of oils that revitalizes even the driest skins. Its high content in fatty acids also provides a nice perfume for a more relaxing bath.

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