• Shampoo – Anti-Dandruff

      Shampoo with active ingredients is efficient to eliminate and prevent dandruff almost permanently. Leaving a delicate fresh sensation after your shower.

    • Shampoo – Keratin

      Soft shampoo with restorative properties based on the action of KERATIN that nourishes and conditions the hair, it also helps to fight frizz and protect against heat damage. Cleans hair in depth leaving a final silky and shiny look.

    • Shampoo – Milk Proteins

      Cleans and moisturizes without weighing your hair down. Contains moisturizing natural extracts that bring your hair back to ideal moisture conditions and leaves it smooth, flexible and stable. Making your hair strong from inside to outside.

    • Shampoo – Oriental Oils

      If you want to experience the oriental beauty secrets. Incorporate to your beauty routine ORIENTAL OILS SHAMPOO. Rich and nourishing with revitalizing active ingredients for hair. Improves elasticity for stronger and healthier hair. Deeply seals and restores hair.

    • Shampoo – Shea Butter

      Its main active ingredient SHEA BUTTER, provides shine and performs actively against dryness on hair, it will help recover damaged hair and over-processed hair while leaving it deep clean.

    • Shampoo & Conditioner

      Gentle 2-in-1 shampoo, natural hair cleanser and conditioner, perfect for every type of hair. Protects while moisturizes, making hair manageable.

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